Eighteen years ago began a five-year journey.  Difficult, incredible, painful and enlightening…all of those things and more.  My then husband of 26yrs. suffered a catastrophic aneurysm which he did survive, following surgery, but as a quadraplegic.  If anything, he was more helpless than a newborn in that he couldn’t even call out or indicate pain, hunger or any sort of discomfort or distress.  I love the written word, I am a bookaholic.  It was my intention to write the journey…not as I lived it for there was never time but after the fact.  The book was begun but, since the intent of the book was to, perhaps enable…certainly support…others facing the same or similar situations, now I decided to make a blog of the experience.  There will be sadness, anger, sometimes fury and certainly humour…one cannot live such an experience and not find humour somewhere.   That, surely, is what gets us through even the most trying of times.

For anyone perusing this blog…particularly one in need of what it may contain.  I hope it helps.  The first post to appear is the latest “chapter” or episode.  I hope you don’t find it too much trouble to scroll to the beginning.


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